February in Papercraft

by thepapergnome

via: Louise Jenkins

How cool are the colors in this piece by Louise Jenkins? This is one of those cut paper projects that I have to look at several times to determine that it is, in fact made with paper. This one almost feels like a watercolor to me.

via: Florence Weiser

Florence Weiser has several pieces if you click on the photograph, which all feature some nice experimentation with type as well as fun graphic illustrations and patterned (!) paper. I don’t think we see enough patterned paper in papercraft these days.

via: Eiko Ojala

So, I’m kind of obsessed with this series of cut paper illustrations by Eiko Ojala that was done for a Estonian Weekly newspaper called Eesti Ekspress. The article was on eating habits and was called “Hunger for Love.” If you’ve ever asked yourself what a grown man would look like spooning a croissant, check out the rest of the series by clicking on the image. They are fabulous.

via: Louise Heng

I may be mistaken, but I think this series of Moroccan playing cards by Louise Heng is a student project. In my mind, that makes it all the more impressive. She’s done the Jack, Queen and King in the set, but I need more, Louise. Full deck, stat.

via: Daydreams and Nightschemes

I featured some cut paper type experimentation by Daydreams and Nightschemes in the January papercraft roundup, and they did not disappoint in February when they came back with this series of pieces about Deception. When the works are shown over a white field, all that is visible are the quotation marks. It’s only when light shines through them that the text appears. Pretty cool.

via: Alisa Brainard

I couldn’t not post this awesome piece by Alisa Brainard. I actually first saw it when I was doing the roundup for January (since I’m routinely  posting these almost a month late) and I was so bummed I had to wait an entire month to share it. I think she did a superb job. This piece has great texture and depth, and the layering is amazing. I hope to see more work from her in the future for sure.

via: Jared Andrew Schorr

One of my favorite pieces, from one of my favorite artists. I’m all about some all gold everything lately and Jared is tapping into that with these golden trees and adorable bears. Jared Andrew Schorr, you never let me down.

via: Kevin Stanton

Last but not least, this is an older piece by Kevin Stanton, and I’ve featured it before but I’m bringing it back because Kevin recently started selling prints of his work, which you can find by clicking the link to his store. I plan on purchasing a print of this beauty, asap. How about you?

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